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Environmental geography of urban pollution; Emission, distribution and fate of emerging environmental pollutants; Regional soil environmental quality and health risk assessment +8615751868375 chwang@iue.ac.cn
Remediation of metal pollution of soil, Resourceful utilization of organic solid waste, Development of soil conditioner, artificial soil and culture matrix +86-592-6190575 yczhang@iue.ac.cn
Environmental pollutants monitoring and human exposure health risk assessment;Explore the vulnerable individuals (epi)genetic characteristics exposure to environmental pollutants 0592-6190523 mptian@iue.ac.cn

GIS spatial analysis, urban geography, environment information etc.

+86-592-6190694 hwwang@iue.ac.cn
Environmental Informatics, Environmental Planning and Management +86-592-6190678 cmli@iue.ac.cn
Environmental Engineering, Water purification and water pollution control technology, Water & Wastewater treatment technology
+86-592-6190959 hnliu@iue.ac.cn
Biogeochemistry of heavy metals, waste reutilization, soil heavy pollution and risk assessment 0574-86085898 gli@iue.ac.cn
urban geography, urban environmental management and planning +86-592-6190665 gqzhang@iue.ac.cn
Environmental electrocatalysis materials and mechanism, waste recycling technology +86-592-6190590 jfxie@iue.ac.cn
Environmental organic contamination, passive sampling methods. +86-574-86085863 jftang@iue.ac.cn
Atmospheric photochemical pollution; Secondary organic aerosols (SOA); Source apportionments of PM2.5 and O3 +86-592-6190585 ywhong@iue.ac.cn

Microbial ecology in the basin; environmental biotechnology; heavy (class) metal and cell interaction

+86-574-86085998 pbao@iue.ac.cn
Solid waste treatment and resource utilization; Pollution control; Green energy and new carbon materials; Energy conservation and circular economy etc. +86-592-6190537 gwyu@iue.ac.cn
Technologies for emerging pollutants treatment and control in animal husbandry; Environmental behavior and ecological effect of emerging pollutants +86-592-6190553 xhuang@iue.ac.cn
+86-592-6190523 qyhuang@iue.ac.cn
Anaerobic digestion system monitoring and control; pollutant detection; resource recovery from wastes. +86-592-6190550 qbzhao@iue.ac.cn
Theory and technology of watershed ecological restoration,Science and engineering of human settlements 0592-6190771 snzheng@iue.ac.cn
+86-574-86085868 xyjia@iue.ac.cn
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