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a. Sea-air exchange ,b. Physicochemical characteristics of atmospheric aerosols ,c. Aerosol-cloud interaction ,d. Atmospheric monitoring equipment 0592-6190781 wxu@iue.ac.cn
Electrocatalytic reduction of nitrate; CO2 reduction; Advanced oxidation process +86-592-6190772 yylou@iue.ac.cn
Theory and technology of watershed ecological restoration,Science and engineering of human settlements 0592-6190771 snzheng@iue.ac.cn
(1) Environmetal Catalysis; (2) Surface Science (STM, XPS, Infrared Spectroscopy, XPS); (3) Model Catalysis on well-defined surface. (4) Development of novel instruments for in-situ characterization.


+86-592-6190563 liuyun@iue.ac.cn
+86-592-6190560 xryang@iue.ac.cn

Environmental microbiology, Microbial electrochemistry and the applications, Resources recovery from wastewater

+86-592-6190527 yxiao@iue.ac.cn
Urban ecology and landscape ecology, Forest ecology and forest carbon sink +86-592-6190679 yren@iue.ac.cn
Aquatic/watershed ecology +86-574-86085949 yyxu@iue.ac.cn

Environmental chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, environmental monitoring, environmental simulation

+86-592-6190776 hxiao@iue.ac.cn

Urbanization and Global Changes, Urban Construction and Energy Usage Carbon Emission, Intensive Land use Evaluation

+86-592-6190653 hye@iue.ac.cn
Development of single-cell spectroscopic (Raman and fluorescence) techniques and molecular tools for investigating environmental microorganisms, including antibiotic resistant bacteria and resistance genes (ARGs), functional bacteria driving N and P biogeochemical cycling, biofilms and microplastics. She served as the editor of mSystems and obtained NSFC for outstanding young scholar. 0592-6190780 lcui@iue.ac.cn
Integrated Management of Urban Resources; Urban Energy planning and Low Carbon City; Complex System Modeling +86-592-6190658 jylin@iue.ac.cn
Urban aquatic environments and biogeochemical research; Ecological restoration of eutrophic water; Watershed ecological environment protection planning; Environmental effects and ecological risks of emerging pollutants +86-592-6190993 czyan@iue.ac.cn

The study of regional planning and sustainable development, the application of GIS in agricultural development and urban ecological security

+86-592-6190998 qjzhao@iue.ac.cn

Environmental Geography: Mechanisms of environmental and ecological changes and biogeochemical adaptation in response to anthropogenic impacts

+86-592-6190778 syu@iue.ac.cn

1. Wastewater treatment and resource recovery
2. Greenhouse gas emission mechanism of municipal solid waste
3. Landfill leachate treatment
4. Resource utilization technology of kitchen waste

+86-592-6190995 shchen@iue.ac.cn
Freshwater ecology, protozoan biodiversity and ecology, microbial ecotoxicology, environmental monitoring and assessment
+86-592-6190775 jyang@iue.ac.cn
Biogeochemistry;Environmental soil science +86-592-6190997 ygzhu@iue.ac.cn

Research on environmental biological effect mechanism and solutions of physical pollution

+86-592-6190996 pcai@iue.ac.cn
How global change factors influence the soil biodiversity and explores the underlying mechanisms. +86-592-6190791 xsun@iue.ac.cn
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