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Research Facilities

 The institute houses many state-of-the-art facilities and services to support the diverse group of IUE scientists and their research programs. IUE has a Research Center for Instrument and Physical Facilities, which provides a basic supporting system and broadly divided into four categories: microstructure, measurement, processes modeling and data analysis, cell and molecular biology. Scientists also have their own group laboratories and specialized instruments to support their groups for intensive laboratory research.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Hybrid Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spctrometer (HPLC/Q-TOF MS/MS)
Mass:micrOTOF QⅡ(Company: Brucker, Germany);
HPLC:Dionex U3000 (Company: Dionex, USA)
Basic Specification:
1. Ionization Method: ESI, APCI.
2. Mass Meaurement: Quadrupole + TOF (MS/MS)Mass range : 20~40,000 m/z
3. Resolution : >17500FWHM@922m/z
4. Sensitivity HPLC in MS:Reserpine 10 pg (200:1 S/N) (1pg > 20:1); Sensitivity in MS/MS:(Glu-Fib B) 2.5 fmol consumed, >50:1 S/N(100 counts)
Protein, biomolecular mass measurements,analysis of complex biological extracts.

 High Performance Liquid Chromatography / Hybrid Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer 
Model/NO:3200 Q TRAP® LC/MS/MS
Company: ABI USA
Basic Specification:
1. Mass Accuracy (with internal reference):20 mmu
2. Dynamic Range: 1 cps to 4x106 cps (pulse counting)
3. Scan Speed: up to 2400 amu/sec in quad mode, up to 4000 amu/sec in linear ion trap mode
4. Mass Range: m/z 5-1,700 in quad mode and 50-1,700 in linear ion trap mode

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer(ICP-OES)
Company: Perkin Elmer
Basic Specification:
1.Optima 7000 offers automatic dual viewing for the lowest detection limits and widest working ranges of 76 elements. Capable of analyzing large sample loads quickly.
2. Sealed optical system can be purged with nitrogen for low UV (165-850 nm) performance;High-dispersion echelle spectrometer has a focal length of 0.3 meter and a stigmatic littrow configuration;Echelle grating used for dispersion has 79 lines/mm with a blaze angle of 63.4 degrees.
The component elements of environments, foodstuff, petrifaction, materials and geography samples are supplied.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers(ICP-MS)
Model/NO:Agilent 7500 Cx ICP-MS
Company: Agilent Technologies, Inc. USA
Basic Specification:
1. The 7500 Cx offers MicroMist glass concentric nebulizer for the lowest detection limits and widest working ranges of 62 elements.
2. Mass Range: 2-260AMU; Minimum Dwell Time: 100µS; Maximum Measurable Concentration >1000 ppm (He mode);
The inorganic components of environmental samples, including soil, sludge, drinking water, surface water, groundwater, physic, foodstuff, propagation, and so on are supplied.

 Transmission Electron Microscopy(TEM)
Company: Hitachi, Japan
Basic Specification:
1. Detection Limit: 0.2 nm; Resolution: 0.2nm; Accelerating Voltage: 40kV ~ 120kV; Continuous Zoom Mode Magnification: 200~x600, 000; Low Magnification Mode Magnification: x50 ~ x1, 000; Image Rotation Magnification Range: x1, 000 ~ x40, 000; Rotation Angle: ± 90 degree (15 degree per step).
2. Instrument configuration: Main Device TEM (H-7650), EDAX biological transmission electron microscopy energy dispersive spectrometer (GENESIS XM2 SYSTEM FOR BIO-TEM), equipped with a spectrum sub - Analysis of the sample rod, the energy spectrum of Interface components. 
Materials science, biology, ultrastructure and elemental spectrum analysis.

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Company: Hitachi, Japan
Basic Specification:
1. Detection Limit: 1.0nm; Secondary Electron Resolution: 1.0nm (15 kV), 2.0 nm (1 kV); Backscattered Electron Resolution: 3.0 nm (15 kV); Electron gun for the cold field emission electron source; Accelerating Voltage: 0.5 ~ 30 kV (0.1 kV / step, variable); Magnification × 30 ~ × 800,000; X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer in the range of elemental analysis Be4 ~ U92.
2. Instrument configuration: Hitachi cold field emission electron microscope S-4800 host system, Hitachi E-1010 ion sputtering instrument, EDAX X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (Genesis XM2), three-axis auto-motor sets.
Morphology observation of biological materials such as the pollen, cells, bacteria, viruses, shape identification of chemical materials such as ceramics, polymers, powder, epoxy resin, metallurgy, minerals, electrical conductivity samples.

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (LSCM)
Model/NO:LSM 710
Company: Zeiss,Germany
Basic Specification:
1.Scan resolution:4×1 to 6144×6144 pixels, also for multiple channels, continuously variable;Scan zoom: 0.6×to 40×, digital variable in steps of 0.1;Scan field:20mm field diagonal (max.) in the intermediate plan, with full pupil illumination.
2. Laser inserts (VIS, V) pigtail-coupled lasers with polarization preserving single-mode fibers, stabilized VIS-AOTF for simultaneous intensity control, switching time:< 5μs, or direct modulation, up to 6 V/VIS-laser directly mountable into the scanhead.
3. diode laser (405 nm, CW/pulsed) 30 mW; Ar-laser (458, 488, 514 nm) 25 mW or 35 mW;
HeNe-laser (543 nm) 1 mW; HeNe-laser (633 nm) 5 mW.
Live cell imaging, single molecule analysis, imaging of minute structures such as yeast or DNA.

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