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Urban health and well-being

The Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established on 4 July 2006.IUE-CAS is a unique national research institute engaged in comprehensive studies on the world’s urban environment. The vision of the institute is to support rapid urbanization in China and to become a center of excellence in urban environmental research in the Asia-Pacific region. The missions of the institute include: to understand the impacts of rapid urbanization; to develop science-based technologies for urban pollution control; to integrate technologies for urban environmental systems and policies; to establish a platform for urban environmental technology transfer; and to foster talents for sustainable urban environmental conservation. IUE is located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in southeast China. IUE-CAS established Ningbo Urban Environment Observation and Research Station (NUEORS), CAS in Beilun District, Ningbo, China. As IUE’s field research base, NEUORS is dedicated to investigate the long-term evolution of urban environment and ecology as well as environmental remediation technology, with its ideally placed site in the Yangtze Delta area which is highly developed and rapidly urbanized.

The IUE team includes a group of renowned principal investigators, four of whom have been granted the Outstanding Young Scientists award from the Natural Science Foundation of China. Another eleven were recruited through the “High-level Talents Program” of CAS, and a further two have been awarded with the title of “National Young Scientists”. Some scientists in IUE serve in international academic societies and journal editorial boards.IUE is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary institution engaged in fundamental and applied research on the cutting edge of environmental and resource sciences, as well as the development of new technologies for environmental remediation and waste management, that encompasses the impacts of urbanization on ecosystems and the social economy. The institution also focuses on the integration of technologies and pilot engineering projects for combined pollution control and remediation in regional environments, innovative technologies related to the ecological industry, cleaner production and circular economy, risk assessment and management of environmental pollution in urban centers. IUE comprises four research centers with different research emphases.

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