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Study on the social-economic progress, construction pattern, management system and policy of sustainable urban
Update time: 2008-01-09 AUTHOR:


The coupling relationship among social-economic development, urban construction and expansion, and the environment should be considered to pursue sustainable urban. This project will investigate Chinese urbanization progress and define the concepts, meanings, objectives and principles of sustainable urbanization, by comparing sustainable urban in other urban of the world. Investigation on the relationship between urbanization and social-economic development should be carried out to explore the mechanisms of urban development. In the same time, assessment measures should be established to analyze and evaluate the level of urban sustainability in China. In the last, the construction modes and management regimes of sustainable urban will be studied; mechanisms and policies will be presented to provide the theoretical and technical supports for urban sustainable planning and building in China.

Performing Organization: Institute of Urban Environment, CAS
Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Headed by Guo Qing-hai
Start Date: 2007.11
End Date: 2009.11

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