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Stress Effects of the Coastal Spatial Use and Landscape Pattern Changes on Eco-environment in Xiamen
Update time: 2008-01-09 AUTHOR:


Taking Xiamen coastal area as an example, the project tries to find out the driving factors and constraints of socioeconomic and natural factors on coastal spatial use as well as landscape pattern changes during rapid urbanization process, through combining the socioeconomic analysis methods and 3S. On the other hand, the eco-environmental stress effects of coastal spatial use and landscape pattern changes will be studied through both field survey of typical species and ecological service assessment. Finally, recommendations for the coastal sustainable urbanization will be raised according to scenario analysis of the spatial use and landscape changes in the future and theirs eco-environmental stress effects. The project will enhance our understanding of the interaction between coastal urbanization and landscape changes on a city scale; elucidate the stress effect of regional biodiversity and ecological services. The results of the study will contribute to the rational urban construction and planning.

Performing Organization: Institute of Urban Environment, CAS
Sponsor: Young Talent Front Field Project in Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Headed by Lin Tao
Start Date: 2007.10.01
End Date: 2008.10.1

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