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Enhanced Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in Sewage Treatment with Synergistic Method of Chemical and Biologic Processes
Update time: 2007-01-29 AUTHOR:


Nutrients are the main contaminants in aquatic environment, which accelerate eutrophication of lakes. It is very difficult to remove nitrogen and phosphorus simultaneously in south China by traditional biological processesbecause of the low concentration of BOD in the sewage. This project is proposed to utilize the supernatant of the digested residual sludge as a carbon resource to facilitate denitrification and phosphorus release. The ammonium and phosphate in supernatant were precipitated by chemical reaction. The product can be used as a perfect fertilizer. This research combines the chemical and biologic N/P removal processes, which will lead to an advanced wastewater treatment technology.

Performing Organization Institute of Urban Environment, CAS
Sponsor Chinese Academy of Sciences
Start Date 2007.1
End Date 2009.12

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