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IUE held 2021 graduation ceremony and celebration of its 15th anniversary

Egrets are flying in paddy fields with the green garden bearing fruit. In this prosperous season, the celebration of IUE’s 15th anniversary and the graduation ceremony was held in the large lecture hall of the comprehensive building on the morning of July 2nd.

Before the ceremony, accompanied by passionate music and humorous introductions by the host, the graduates walked the carpet together with their family, relatives and friends, or with their tutors and classmates, and then signed on the graduation message board. The crowd watching the ceremony shared their joy.

The graduation ceremony started with the solemn national anthem. The academician Yongguan Zhu, the director Rong Cao, Shaohua Chen, the Secretary of the Party Committee of IUE, and the deputy director Yuming Zheng, as well as the supervisors, students, employees, postgraduates of Class of 2021 and their family members gathered together to witness this unforgettable moment. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Tangrong Wang, Director of the Office of Education.

First of all, Zhu announced the “Decision of IUE Degree Committee on the Awarding of Ph.D. (Master) Degrees” and the list of graduate students. At the ceremony, graduates wore academic dress and went up on the rostrum in turn. Zhu and Cao awarded them graduation certificates. People present at this ceremony all witnessed this unforgettable and joyful moment!

At the meeting, Shaohua Chen announced the list of outstanding graduates in 2021 and awarded certificates to these outstanding graduates. Yuming Zheng announced the list of cooperative enterprises that established graduate scholarships and issued donation certificates to them. Among the enterprises, the leaders of Yonker Environmental Protection Co., Ltd and Zhongke Dingshi Co., Ltd respectively issued certificates to the students who got scholarship.

As the representative of supervisors, Mr. Lin expressed congratulations and ardent hopes to the graduates. He hoped that the graduates would cherish the time and be interesting, talented and virtuous people. The mother of the graduate student Kaiqun Hu gave a speech. She congratulated the postgraduates and expressed her sincere gratitude to the IUE and the teachers. She urged the students to be a good person, do more good deeds and learn to adjust. The doctoral student Feng’s speech was sincere and inspiring. On behalf of all graduates, he first expressed the sincere gratitude and high respect to teachers of the institute for their hard work. Then he cited the phrases “to endure loneliness” and "happiness comes out of arduous work" to encourage all the students. Finally, he wished IUE a prosperous development.

Finally, Cao sent the verbal message "confidence and excellence" to the graduates. This year is the centenary of CPC. The 100-year history is a lively teaching material. As graduate students who lived in this special era, they should maintain confidence. Under the guidance of the original aspiration and mission of “promoting science and technology for the country; fostering innovation for the people”, the students should uphold IUE’s spirit of “loyalty and endeavor” and set lofty ambitions to make contributions. Students need to learn from and act in accordance with the old saying “as heaven keeps moving forward vigorously, a man of virtue should strive continuously to strengthen himself”. The spirit of "Two Bombs and One Satellite" inspired graduates to be self-reliant, hard-working, selfless and courageous. As the saying “difficulty is the nurse of greatness” goes, the thought of “giving up” and “being blindly arrogant” never aids the rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Additionally, to make breakthroughs in the core technology requires a great number of scientific and technological workers to carry forward the spirit of scientists in the new era, work hard, make contributions, advance despite difficulties, and endeavor to make China a powerful nation. Therefore, Cai hoped that the students would demonstrate self-confidence and self-improvement, display their talents in the field of ecological environmental protection and pollution control, so as to contribute to China’s ecological progress and improve people’s sense of fulfillment. More importantly, they could create a better life and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

After the graduation ceremony, all the graduates took a group photo with their supervisors. The graduation ceremony coincides with the 15th anniversary of IUE. In the evening, teachers and students gathered in the square in front of the stone and held a farewell party for the graduates. This unforgettable moment will be enshrined in everyone’s heart!

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