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Work Summary Meeting of Research Group was held by IUE

Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IUE-CAS) has held Work Summary Meeting of Research Group on January 14, 2020. There are around 200 attendances including directors, researchers and students. 34 research groups have presented their major outcomes in 2019 (such as papers, projects, researches, reports, etc.), projects status, impacts of representative results and contributions to the 13th Five-Year Development Plan of IUE-CAS.

Academician Yong-guan Zhu delivered an opening speech. He emphasized that with the advancement of national ecological civilization construction, there is a new period of opportunities for scientific research. He hoped all researchers in IUE-CAS could strengthen internal exchanges and promote cross-disciplinary cooperation. Achievements should be aligned with current national and local needs and further to make greater contributions to the construction of Beautiful China.

Shaohua Chen, Deputy Party Secretary, made a conclusion, affirming the significant achievements of each research group in 2019 and deploying the work in 2020. Based on the series of evaluation work in CAS, IUE will focus on the layout of disciplines and the 14th Five-Year Development Plan in 2020. According to the frontier of international environment studies and the major requirements of national ecological civilization, IUE will strive to undertake national key projects and produce significant demonstration results. Besides, IUE needs multi-level cooperation and win-win results. Scientific research can be freely explored, but it is necessary to keep up with the highest international academic standards, address the actual needs of the country, solve practical environmental problems, and explore scientific laws while solving problems. He pointed out that, generally IUE has achieved great results in terms of original achievements, key projects and awards, but cannot relax. IUE is about to conduct the summary assessment of the goals and tasks for the first phase of CAS “First Action” Plan. All should attach great importance to and organize it carefully, as well as conscientiously sum up and evaluate all work according to the relevant requirements and task division of the plan. He also emphasized that scientific researchers should calm down to think about what the original intention of scientific research is and keep their mission in mind. He hoped all colleagues will redouble their efforts and devote greater enthusiasm to scientific research.

This meeting provided an important exchange platform for researchers and graduate students. It has promoted interdisciplinary integration, strengthened scientific research cohesion and provided an important guarantee for promoting the upgraded version of the "First Action" plan.


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