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The 2nd Council of CAS Centre for Excellence in Regional Atmospheric Environment was held

On the morning of March 17th, the 2nd Council of CAS Centre for Excellence in Regional Atmospheric Environment (hereinafter referred to as Excellence Centre) was held in Xiamen. The members of Council for Excellence Centre attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Deputy Director General of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician DING Zhongli.

In the meeting, the members of the council listened to the report made by Chief Scientist of Excellence Centre, Researcher HE Hong, about acceptance situation in 2016, recent research development, work plans and measures for next stage, etc.

In the meeting, several events were discussed and passed, such as selection of Distinguished Research Fellow,how to deliver allowance for Distinguished Research Fellow, budget of Excellence Centre in 2017 and air quality guarantee for The BRICS Meeting in Xiamen, etc. The members put forward their proposals for scientific research development of Excellence Centre, construction of talent team, disciplinary development, platform establishment and scheme for “Formation Mechanism and Control Strategies of Haze in China” Project, etc. At the same time, important speech made by Minister LI Keqiang about control of haze during the period of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in this year was studied carefully.

DING Zhongli affirmed job and performance which Excellence Centre made in 2016 and asked several requirements that in strategic positioning and field layout, Excellence Centre must further strengthen the study of formation mechanism of haze in winter, insist emission reduction at source to be the fundamental direction of air pollution governance; Excellence Centre should try hard to play the role of advantages of scientific research strength and offer advice and suggestions for our country to control fog and haze scientifically and precisely; In the innovation of system and mechanism, we should strengthen deep integration and collaborative innovation between members and organizations; In construction of talent team, we should further perfect introduction and cultivation mechanism of outstanding young talents, in order to cultivate scientists remarkable influential on atmospheric environment.

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