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Interim progress communication workshop fort Integration and Demonstration of Key Techniques of Ecological Eestoration in Avalanching erosion area was held successfully

Ecology and environment of wetland research group convoked interim progress communication workshop for Project of National Science and Technology Support Program Integration and Demonstration of Key Techniques of Ecological Eestoration in Avalanching erosion area in Nanjing from July 22nd to 24th. The research group invited experts advisory group to attend the meeting which consisted of famous experts on soil and water conservation of collapsing including Professor Congfa Cai of Huazhong Agricultural University as group leader, Professor Jinchi Zhang of Nanjing Forestry University, Professor Xilin Liu of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Dekiu Liu of Jiangxi Agricultural University and senior engineer Fushui Ruan of the department of water resources of Fujian province, etc. Professor Yanhe Huang, vice president of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Researcher She Yu of IUE,CAS, and Researcher Yin Liang of Institute of Soil Science (ISS), CAS attended the seminar as mission controllers and subject backbone members. The seminar was organized by Yin Liang’s research group of ISS, CAS.

The seminar was hosted by Congfa Cai, group leader of experts advisory group. She Yu introduced the basic situation and the overall progress of the research group. Each person in charge of each task made a report for mid-term research progress. The panel made in-depth discussion with everyone in the seminar on research progress and existing problems of each task and put forward concrete suggestions on development of research tasks in 2016. The panel agreed that the project had made a series of achievements and completed the medium-term research goal by field investigation, in-situ test, demonstration and indoor simulation analysis method, etc.

In order to complete the project tasks in high quality, the experts suggested:

(1) Make organic connection to each task further close, strengthen the key technology research and development and optimize the integration of mode technology;

(2) Detail classification survey, perfect the evaluation index system;

(3) Complete the stability research of W-OH collapsing application, strengthen the integration of comprehensive agricultural development technology in clloapsing area.

(4) Consummate the equipping integration of different measures according to different kinds of small and medium-sized collapsing.

The seminar successfullly completed the expecting task. Members of the group benifited a lot and expanded their research ideas. The 3rd progress communication workshop will be held in August, 2017 in Xiamen.

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