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The research project concerning about the analysis and adjusting strategies of atmospheric pollutant source in Haicang district has been concluded successfully

Recently, “The research project concerning about the analysis and adjusting strategies of atmospheric pollutant source in Haicang district” undertaken by Chen Jinsheng’s research group has been concluded successfully and was highly regarded by review specialists at the meeting. This project was co- sponsored by the Administrative Committee of Taiwanese Investment Zone(ACTIZ) in Haicang and the People's Government of Haicang(PGH) for one year’s research period.

Haicang is one of the most important administrative region of Xiamen. During the rapid process of urbanization and industrialization, the quality of its atmospheric environment shows the falling tendency to a certain extent by the influence of moter vehicle, vessels in ports, industry, enterprise, dust caused by building municipal construction and other factors,etc. Therefore, in this project, a variety of means and methods was uliziled comprehensively, such as field research, the observation of foundation position, laboratory analysis, air mode, analytical model of the source, etc. The regularities of distribution and primary source of the main pollutant in the atmospheric environment of Haicang (PM2.5、PM10、NO2、O3 and VOCs,etc.) have been systematically studied. The study expounds the critical factors affecting environmental air quality in Haicang. On this basis, combining the industrial distribution and geographic conditions of Haicang, the controlling strategies of air quality and the reduction direction of atmospheric pollution in Haicang have been put forward.

Through the implementation of this project and the promotion of related controlling measures, the environmental air quality of Haicang got a larger degree of improvement. Air quality in the levels of Xiamen city ranked from down stream to up stream. The goal of " ensuring air quality to get the third place and striving to attain the second one" in the six districts of Xiamen have been achieved.

The ACTIZ in Haicang, Xiamen and the leaders in party and government of Haicang paid highly attention to the research work and results of this project as well. Before and after the project was concluded, the party organs of the ACTIZ in Haicang, the party committee, the Administrative Committee of Haicang, the district government and the district people's political consultative conference committee held three thematic sessions for air quality respectively and listened to the research report of the project team.

Dr Lingling Xu in Jinsheng Chen’s research team was responsible for the project.

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