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Innovation Center for Excellence in Urban Atmospheric Environment of CAS Kickoff Symposium was Held in Xiamen

The kickoff symposium of Innovation Center for Excellence in Urban Atmospheric Environment of CAS (ICEUAE-CAS), which focuses on urban atmospheric research, was hold in Xiamen on December 25.

During the symposium, the director, Dr. Yongguan Zhu issued the letters of appointment to the academic committee members and the first batch of selected personnel. The deputy director, Dr. Jinsheng Chen, read the management regulations of center, and the chief scientist, Dr. Hong He described recent construction plan to all the delegates. After that, all the participants had lively discussions about the center’s positioning, development goals, construction plan, system innovation, implementation of management regulation, coherence of talented scientists, applications of significant projects and other important issues.

The aim of ICEUAE is to build a world-class scientific platform for urban atmospheric environmental research, to gather and cultivate excellent cross-disciplinary scientists. Guided by the national demands the frontiers of atmospheric science, it is exploring a new innovation mechanism for scientific research to promote original innovations of atmospheric environmental research in China, and provide technological supports for the construction of livable environment and sustainable development of China.

The main research of ICEUAE is focus on the complex regional urban air pollution problems accompany with the rapid urbanization in China. The scientists are trying to reveal the causes of haze in typical cities of our country, to achieve early warning and provide scientific and feasible solutions for haze control. Besides, ICEUAE is also dedicated to develop advanced technologies and equipment for the measurement of atmospheric oxidation and fine particle, to construct important scientific infrastructures, to develop technology reserves and to implement technology industrialization in the field of atmospheric environment. Eventually, it is seeking to form an international renowned academic highland through major breakthroughs in theories and control technologies of atmospheric pollutions.

ICEUAE is a multi-institute non-legal research platform, which is relying on IUE-CAS, and its cooperate partners include the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (CASHIPS), Institute of Process Engineering (IPE-CAS) and Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIG-CAS). The center implements director responsibility system under the leadership of council.

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