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“The International Symposium on Co-design for urbanization in China and Asia-Pacific Region” held by Institute of Urban Environment

On Oct.21 to 23,The International Symposium on Co-design for urbanization in China and Asia-Pacific Region was held in Asia Gulf Hotel.The symposium was hosted by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS),sponsored by Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) and Institute of Urban Environment.Top-notched experts attended the meeting including deputy director general of CAST,former director general of IAP,academician of CAS Mr.Qin Dahe,deputy secretary general of CAS,director general of Bureau of International Cooperation,and academician of CAS Mr.Tan Tieniu,former president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE),academician of CAE,and the director of International Climate Change Expert Committee Mr. Du Xiangwan,academician of CAS Mr.Wu Guoxiong and Mr.Fu Bojie,the director general of Institute of Urban EnvironmentIUE,CAS Mr. Zhu Yongguan, and experts from America,Britain, France,Australia,Sweden and other countries.   

In the morning of Oct.21, Mr.Qin dahe,Mr.Tan Tieniu,and the member of the standing committee of Xiamen and executive vice mayor Mr.Zheng Yunfeng gave opening speeches.Mayor Mr.Zheng Yunfeng hope that that through the success of this conference,more accomplished experts on urban environment and health research in the world can pay close attention to China,to Xiamen,and stay in Xiamen,applying up to date research results in Xiamen and then generalize to the whole nation.The meeting lasted for two and a half days.Fruitful discussions have been made in the fields of environment pollution and health,urbanization and harmonious development,climate variation in monsoon areas and the activity of human being, global climate change and response from the key areas, energy supply and future development,biodiversity and the service for ecosystem,industrial transformation and green production, disaster alarming under changing environment,systematic observation of earth and knowledge service,and the sustainable development of ocean and coastal zone.The future goal for research development has been ensured.  

In 2011,International Council for Science(ICSU),International Social Science Council (ISSC),United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),United Nations University (UNU), Belmont Forum and International Global Change Research Funding Agencies (IGFA) co-sponsored the ten year(2014-2023) programme “Future Earth” (FE).Based on the research of “Global Change” and the integrated research of natural and social sciences, the programme aims to provide information for the general public,to offer knowledge support to decision-maker,and to promote the sustainable development for the world.  

Under the support of CAS and CAST, the FE,China Committee was founded in March 2014.On the symposium co-started by FE Global and FE China Committee in June 2014,the global committee spoke highly of their Chinese counterparts,pointed out that their work in China has set up a model for the world, and successful cooperation case in Asia-Pacific region is expected as soon as possible.Therefore,the International Symposium on Co-design for urbanization in China and Asia-Pacific Region focused on the experience sharing and the cooperation pattern of Asia-Pacific countries.This symposium has promoted the technology cooperation between China and its neighboring countries, improved China’s reputation, status and right of speech in the researches of global sustainable development,and encouraged Chinese scientists to fully engage in the initiative of FE Asia Science Committee.  

In the afternoon of Oct.23,experts are invited by the Institute of Urban Environment to make field visit in Haicang District,where they visited the Southeast Headquarter,the Information Hall,and Yuanqian Community under the guidance of the deputy director of Haicang,Mr. Liaofan.Experts expressed their appreciation and provided valuable suggestions for the urbanization of Haicang District.  

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