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First Author: CHEN Chuke

Material utilisation has been playing a fundamental role in economic development, but meanwhile, it may have environmental and social consequences. Given China’s rapid economic growth, understanding China’s material utilisation patterns would inform decisions for researchers and policymakers. However, fragmented data from multiple statistical sources hinder us from comprehensively portraying China’s material utilisation dynamics. This study harmonised China-specific official statistics and constructed a China economy-wide material flow accounts database. This database covers hundreds of materials and more than 30 years (1990–2020) from thousands of data sources, which is comprehensive, long-term, up-to-date, and publicly accessed. This database would provide insights into the historical metabolic dynamics of China’s economy with elaboration on the production, consumption, and end-of-life disposal of materials. This database also allows for international analyses since it is developed based on an internationally standardised analytical framework. Furthermore, this study would benefit studies on policy impact evaluation, environmental pressure assessment, and sustainable development strategies.



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PubYear: August 2022
Publication Name: SCIENTIFIC DATA
The full text link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41597-022-01611-z