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General Management Department

The General Management Department is the department responsible for daily comprehensive coordination, administrative services, financial asset management and information network services. It consists of an administrative office, a financial asset office and an information center. The Administrative Office is the comprehensive office of the executive leadership. The main responsibilities are:

1. to comprehensively coordinate the daily administrative affairs management and the various departments of IUE, to safeguard and supervise the implementation of the leadership decisions and timely feedback to the directors;
2. to draft the comprehensive work plan, summary, report, resolution and other documents of IUE and to handle government official documents, seal management of IUE, etc.;
3. to organize and manage external and internal liaison, reception, preparation of the comprehensive activities and conferences of IUE, to co-organize professional counterpart meetings and receptions with various departments;
4. to build and manage the campus, including public property, office and apartment turnover housing, to calculate and collect real estate related expenses;
5. to supervise and manage canteens, properties and the public vehicles of IUE, to organize and coordinate daily safety-management affairs;
6. to coordinate archives administration and complete other tasks assigned by directors.

The information center is the office responsible for planning, construction and management of network service system as well as information publicity, scientific communication, etc. The main responsibilities are:
1. to provide network information services to IUE, including organizing and assisting the application of information resources, and providing network technology and application support for informationize of IUE;
2. to operate and maintain the equipment of the technology network and the main node equipment of each department, in order to maintain the safe operation of the network, and promptly eliminate hidden dangers of various online attacks;
3. to keep business contacts with superior management departments and other networks of science and technology, to strengthen external information exchange, and actively carry out external technical services;
4. to manage the daily safe operation of IUE’s technology network, to build and develop planning of the local area network of the Institute, and to implement network expansion and technology upgrades;
5. to monitor and manage the online behavior and usage of each user in IUE, to allocate and manage of IP and email address and to organize, operate and maintain of the ARP information system and video conference system;
6. to subscribe to books and journals, manage library and sci-tech novelty search, to publicize information and disseminate scientific and deal with other related tasks.

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