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The 2nd Xiamen Cross-Strait Environment Forum Summit was held

During 11th to 13th December, the 2nd Xiamen International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Cross-Strait Environment Forum Summit (hereinafter referred to as the "Environmental Protection Exhibition") was held at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. The Environmental Protection Exhibition was jointly organised by the Institute of Urban Environment, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IUE, CAS) and All-China Environment Federation (ACEF). At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhu Zijun, a member of the Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal Committee, expressed his congratulations and hoped the Environmental Protection Exhibition could help to promote scientific and technological innovation and to strengthen the high precision innovative technology achievements of the environmental protection industry in Xiamen. Mr. Guo Haiyang, the Ombudsman of Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Prof. Chen Shaohua, Secretary of the Party Committee of IUE, CAS, Mr. Du Shaozhong, Vice President of ACEF, Ms. Xie Yuhong, Vice President and Secretary General of ACEF delivered welcome speeches. Mr. Zhou Jian, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, declared the official opening of the exhibition.

The three-day Environmental Protection Exhibition is subdivided into six thematic zones, including Water, Atmosphere, Solid Waste, Comprehensive, Scientific Research, and Sanitation and Cleaning. With a comprehensive introduction of core environmental protection products and technologies, it provides a platform for environmentalists from all over the world to cooperate and exchange. The Cross-Strait Environment Forum Summit was held at the same time with the theme of "Ecological Civilization and Healthy China". It focuses on the innovation and development of the environmental protection industry under the new situation and creating a sharing and exchange event.

In the main forum, experts such as academicians Jiao Nianzhi, Zhou Chenghu and Zhu Yongguan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician He Hong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician Lu Yonglong of the World Academy of Sciences, Professor Jiang Benji of Taiwan University, Distinguished Professor Yu Hanqing of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, and Researcher Shu Jianmin, Chief Scientist of Ecology and Environment of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, gave keynote presentations. The representatives of environmental protection enterprises, experts and scholars from government, industry and academia, including academician Zhao Jincai of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Zheng Yuming, Deputy Director of IUE, CAS also attended the Environmental Protection Exhibition.

In addition, there were kinds of sub-forums with various topics, such as “Municipal and Industrial Waste Management and Resourcefulness Technology”, “Site Pollution Remediation”, “Integrated Watershed and Urban Water Pollution Remediation and Ecological Restoration”, “Waste classification and Food Waste (Kitchen) Management Technology" and “PM2.5 and Ozone Compound Pollution Mechanism and Control Technology”.

With exhibitions, summit forums, exchanges and interactions, the 2020 Environmental Protection Exhibition has created an exchange platform integrating technology transformation, academic exchange and business expansion. It could provide solutions for pollution control technology and sustainable environmental development in municipal, industrial and rural areas, and help to develop the environmental protection industry with high quality.

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